Due to the constant invention and upgrade of technologies, dental care is now better than ever. Dentists can do practically anything for your teeth like straighten them out, whiten them or even make fake teeth! There has been a recent rise in people getting their teeth professionally whitened, and rightfully so! If you can improve something for a little boost in self-esteem, then why not?

What Kinds Of Teeth Whitening Are There?

The two main kinds of teeth whitening are intrinsic and extrinsic:


Intrinsic tooth whitening refers to whitening up the inner part of your tooth. The way this is done is bleach or whitening gel, which lightens the tooth. Whitening the inner part of the tooth helps the outer enamel also look whiter, as it reflects through the enamel.


The outer part of the tooth is called the enamel, for which dentists adopt the method of extrinsic whitening. Extrinsic whitening is used to remove stains present on the enamel caused by wine, coffee, smoking and tea. It is usually done through a polish and other whitening products.

Your dentist can guide you on the kinds and which one might be better for you, so you will not have to worry.

Why get your teeth Whitened?

Instant Pearly Whites

Getting your teeth professionally whitened offers almost instantaneous results! It does not take long to do either, and depending on the state of your teeth, you may not have to keep coming back for touch-ups either.

It’s Safe!

A dentist can safely whiten your teeth, whereas home treatments and the like could damage gum tissue. You will be in the safe hands with a seasoned professional, so you can leave it to them to take care of your precious teeth and make them shine as bright as new.

Customized Treatment

Only professionals can offer you a customized whitening treatment and also do it for you in the right way! Over the counter treatments act like a one size fits all solution, which could be harmful or ineffective.

Things to Watch For

No matter how ‘good to be true’ something can look, there are always some cons to keep in mind:

Teeth May Be Sensitive For A While

This is a common side effect of teeth whitening, so it is not something to be afraid of. The sensitivity usually just lasts about a day, and if it gets too much too bear you can take pain killers for it.

It Isn’t Permanent

It may last from 6 months to a year, as its results are not exactly permanent. This is because you are constantly consuming things that may stain your teeth, such as food and drinks that you cannot really ever avoid.


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