Root Canal: What You Need to Know

The term root canal is usually referred to the interior portion of the tooth, the passage between the roots of a tooth and the tooth pulp. Root canal is comprised of blood vessels and nerves.

After an adult tooth has emerged from the gums, these blood vessels and nerves mainly serve the purpose of allowing the tooth to sense the cold, heat and other stimuli.

The common cause of a root canal infection is decaying tooth, damaged tooth, and gum diseases.


Root Canal: Infection

When the root canal area becomes infected because of the decaying of the tooth, or accidental damages, you may suffer from different complications in the infected area such as infection-induced inflammation and contaminated pulp tissues. Sometimes, micro-fractures in teeth pave the way for harmful bacteria to get inside and cause inflammation.


Root Canal: Symptoms

The swelling may become noticeable and you may experience increased sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks and experience pain while chewing.

When the tooth decay penetrates into the external layer of the tooth, it may cause root canal pain. Similarly, a cracked or chipped tooth is more prone to decaying and eventually causing root canal pain. The development of harmful bacteria may contaminate the tooth pulp and cause root canal pain.

When the condition worsens with extreme sensitivity in the tooth and causes severe pain, Fort McMurray Dentist’s at Stoneycreek Village Dental may recommend a root canal treatment.


Root Canal: Treatment at Stoney Creek Village Dental

Fort McMurray Dentists at Stoneycreek Village Dental identify the cause of dental pain through x-ray. If infected and the root canal is identified as the reason, the tooth pulp is immediately removed to cure the infection. Root canal treatment saves you from losing your tooth to infection. The root canal treatment is completed with a dental filling and a dental crown to restore the natural look of your tooth. As good as new, and in some cases, better than ever before!


Root Canal: Prevention

The need for a root canal treatment can be prevented by maintaining good oral health. This may include regular brushing and flossing and regularly visiting an experienced Dental Office such as Stoneycreek Village Dental for regular dental examinations so that any dental health concern can be addressed in its early stage.

Regular dental checkups identify even the smallest of cavities, hidden tooth decay and the presence of any sort of gum disease preventing them from turning into major problems such as root canal pain.



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