Why is it important to clean and maintain braces?

It’s very important to maintain the health and cleanliness of your mouth while you restore your smile.

It’s easy to get discouraged and forget to clean your teeth but maintaining your oral hygiene is more necessary than ever. As braces create a complex and intricate structure surrounding each tooth, it’s especially easy for food to get trapped. This can lead to all sorts of problems varying from bad breath, staining and cavities. Clean and maintain your braces to prevent damage to your teeth.


What is the correct technique to clean my braces?

Here are our tips to ensure that your teeth are clean, bright and healthy when your braces come off:

  • Brush regularly. Keep your mouth clean as often as possible by brushing regularly, especially after meals. If you eat acidic foods, blush gently or swish water in your mouth to loosen anything that may have clung to or between your teeth. Brushing thoroughly after acidic foods can potentially cause damage to the enamel.
  • Use a soft bristle toothbrush. It’s important to protect your braces. We recommend using a soft bristle toothbrush. Avoid pressing too hard and gently move the brush in a circular motion slowly over each tooth.
  • Floss regularly. This is a tricky one but we encourage you not to neglect your teeth! Make an effort to floss regularly between each crevice.
  • Rinse with antibacterial mouthwash. To be extra thorough, rinse and gargle with an antibacterial mouthwash. This will also alleviate any gum swelling that’s caused by the braces.  
  • Make things easy with an Interdental Toothbrush. One of our favourite tools! Use an Interdental Toothbrush for spots that are hard to reach between wires. It is a skinny, vertical toothbrush that can easily get spots that are tough to clean. 
  • Stay consistent. Try to stay consistent with your routine. It’s easy to let bad habits sneak up but now is the time to be extra careful and consistent.
  • Routine check-ups. Your dentist will book routine visits to check on your progress and assess if adjustments should be made. This is also a time when the dentist or hygienist will let you know if you’re doing a great job or need some help. Don’t be afraid to ask for tips or guidance – we are here to help!


Are you doing a good job at maintaining your braces?

Wondering if your cleaning skills are up to par or considering braces to straighten your teeth? Give our clinic a call to set-up an appointment.

At your appointment, our dentists and hygienists will assess your braces and let you know if you’re doing a good job (or if there’s any room for improvement). If you’re considering braces, click below to book your free consultation.


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