Dental Health — Stocking Stuffer Ideas

With 2018 nearing its end, and the holiday season just round the corner, you and your kids are going to be offered and presented with a number of sweet treats. We see it every year, many people have to rush to dental clinics afterward the holidays as eating too many sweets during the holidays tends to take a toll on your dental health.

Encourage your kids by stuffing their Christmas stockings with healthy snacks such as dry fruits or healthier sugar-free candies.

There are some dental care supplies that you can add to the Christmas stockings so that no matter the number of sweets you are consuming this holiday season, you can still take care children’s of your teeth and gums.


A brand new toothbrush

Kids usually like to try out new things, taking things out of the box, and when the holiday season is all about gifts, a new toothbrush will definitely excite them to brush their teeth more willingly.

Parents can always choose character toothbrushes that their kids like or brushes that light up and even play music. Always remember to choose the one with soft bristles and a small head.


Better tasting toothpaste flavour

New year, new toothpaste! Refresh the idea of brushing your teeth by trying a new (and potentially better tasting) toothpaste flavour! You have to keep your dental hygiene a fun and enjoyable daily experience.


A sugar-free bubble gum

If your kids like bubble gum, you can stuff their Christmas stocking with sugar-free bubble gums that offer the same taste and satisfaction as their candy cravings while making sure that no damage is caused to their dental health.



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