Let’s be honest; people notice a dazzling smile full of white, straight teeth. Many want braces or clear aligners but believe they’re too old to achieve great results or think they can’t afford them. We can advise you about everything you need to know regarding braces vs Invisalign and the results to expect.


Straight teeth are an asset for anyone and not just for those in Hollywood. A smile full of beautifully aligned teeth can be yours with the proper system. We understand how your self-esteem can be affected by your teeth, and here at Stoneycreek Village Dental, we treat each patient as a unique individual.


Braces vs Invisalign is the key question to answer, and your Fort McMurray Dental professional will make that determination. For instance, Invisalign is the modern way to wear braces and does this with almost invisible, clear aligners. Patients of our Invisalign dentist Fort McMurray love this system because it straightens the teeth quickly, comfortably and does it discreetly. Hardly anyone will notice you’re wearing them.


Invisalign is also ideal for adults because your teeth have stopped growing, and this is another good match for clear aligners. You have to be dedicated to the treatment, however, for Invisalign to reap beautiful results. You are allowed to remove them for eating and drinking, but these clear aligners must be worn for no less than 22 hours per day.


In addition, Invisalign patients are instructed to wear a retainer shortly after removing their braces. If you neglect your post-treatment obligations, your teeth will begin to shift to their position before treatment.


Still, an Invisalign Fort McMurray system is convenient and modern and the preferred choice. Generally, the system takes between six and eighteen months to work. Invisalign can treat common dental issues like gapped teeth, crowded teeth, an overbite, underbite and crossbite.


If your teeth are challenged by more severe issues like a large overbite, then, more advanced orthodontic procedures would be necessary to shift the jaw. A dentist in Fort McMurray would recommend metal braces because this system can fix even the most complex tooth problems and are attached to the face of the teeth. You don’t have to worry about removing them when wearing our braces Fort McMurray.


Braces feature the traditional or metal design, and these are dependable, economical and effective. Attractive, modern improvements have also been made to their appearance. According to our dentist, today’s braces now feature a design that is smaller, lighter and more comfortable to wear.


It’s no secret that people look at your teeth, and when yours are crooked, have a gap or pose other cosmetic issues, it can cause you to avoid certain social situations.


Here at Stoneycreek Village Dental, we can help you quickly determine whether Invisalign or traditional braces are right for you. Our Invisalign dentist Fort McMurray will explain all the pros and cons of each system and get you headed for a beautiful smile with enviable straight teeth.